Lego Gummie’s

For another fun lego treat for the lego birthday party we used the mold to make 4 different batches of gummy Lego’s for the party in various flavors and colors.  It was SO easy and fun.


Lego Gummie’s
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 3 oz jello package, any flavor
  • 6 packets of unflavored gelatin
  • 3/4 C cold water
  • ou just take a small sized jello, mix it with 6 packets of unflavored gelatin and add 3/4 C water. Then boil it (stirring the whole time) and pour it in once it's clear!
  1. in a sauce pan mix the jello and gelatin
  2. add the cold water and let sit for 3 mins
  3. Now boil the mixture, stirring, until it's clear
  4. pour it into the molds and let it it set, then unmold


I tried using and plunger and doing just one at a time, but it started to thicken and harden before I could finish so with the next batches I just poured it in and spread it around.  Then using a rolling pin I rolled the large base plate over the top so they have bottom wells so they can stack!  Ten throw it into the freezer for 15 mins and then unpeel!  The kids loved helping AND they taste great too!  I couldn’t believe it actually worked so well.

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  1. Vicki says

    Just curious about how much your recipe made? Great ideas, btw! My 4 year old daughter wants Lego for her 5th party, and there is almost nothing girlie Lego, so I can totally customize your ideas to her! Love your blog too! :-)

    • says

      um…. It didn’t quite fill my mold, but I’m not sure how much that is in comparison! I’d try a single batch first and if it doesn’t fill your mold make a double batch the second time. i’d rather have more smaller batches because you can have more colors that way!

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