Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield sweet 16 birthday cake

So as I was going through last years top posts I realized I had missed posting a few of my cakes last year! I have a running list of recipes, crafts and cakes that I’ve finished, taken pictures of but still haven’t gotten around to posting about. it’s over a page long, double column.


My oldest niece turned 16 in October. 16!!! Makes me feel oldish (she was almost 4 when I married her uncle). And while I LOVE clients, I really love making cakes for my kids first, family and friends next and THEN clients. So I was pretty excited to make her cake.


My awesome SIL is CLEARLY doing a great job because my niece is geeky is all the right ways! We love all the same sci-fi shows and movies, and she’s a gamer just like her dad! She didn’t hesitate for a SECOND in claiming to want a Hylian Shield cake! Computer boy is playing Zelda now and was pretty excited when he recognized what I was creating!


It was a really fun cake to make, not only carved, but airbrushed as well.   All the detail work is hand cut/formed and then hand painted.  I love love LOVE the way it turned out, the birthday girl was THRILLED (as was my SIL) and the boys (when did she get old enough for BOYS to come over) at the party thought it was pretty much the best cake ever!

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    • says

      Ummm I don’t remember? from baking to finish or just the carving and decorating? The carving/frosting/fondant/decorating/airbrushing probably took me 8-12 hours? I work from when my kids go to bed until it’s finished, so i’m more tired and tend to move slower the later it gets, and the time all runs together!

  1. Greyson says

    How did you do the fondent pieces my brother is hosting a legend of zelda gaming party and he wants me to do a cake for the party. Any ideas

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