Knit Ear Warmer Pattern with Flower Crochet

Last winter I saw these everywhere. But I just can’t bring myself to pay for one! Not when I know how to knit myself! But finding a pattern was tough. I knew I could make one up if I wanted to, but it’s easier to start with one. Eventually, after mixing a few different patterns I found what worked for me.


Now remember everyone has a different gauge so if you need to adjust it to fit your gauge then do that! This is more of a guide than a pattern. I’m a more intuitive knitter, changing and “fixing” patterns as I go. So if something doesn’t make sense to email me and I’ll try to clarify! Hopefully this “guide” will make sense to you and it will click as you work on it! This fit my daughters and me just fine. The knit stretches a bit so it’s kind of one size fits all!


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Headband Earwarmer
Size 6 or 8 knitting needles (I went with size 8 needles)
Favorite medium weight yarn (about a skein)
Size J Crochet Hook (optional)*

7 stitches per 2 inches

Finished Size:
22″-24″ long (your preference) and 4″ wide at widest part

We’ll be working a Knit/Purl rib pattern across ever row.
Cast on 7 stitches.
row 1: Knit/purl/knit/purl cont…
row 2: next row purl/knit/purl/ cont…
repeat until you have 4 rows.

Now we’re going to start our increase. Well increase every odd row, and repeat the rib pattern on every even row. Now after every other increase you’ll have two knit’s or two purls in a row. Don’t worry about it. It will be fixed on your next increase. row

5: Repeat your rib pattern until the center stitch. Use your favorite increase here. then repeat the rib pattern
6: rib pattern
7: rib pattern until you get to the center. when you hit the double knit (or purl) in the center pick up the loop between stitches and purl (or knit) to continue the pattern.
8: rib pattern

Repeat 5-8 until the patterns is about 4 inches across. Make sure your repeating a nice knit/purl pattern all the way across (no double stitch in the center- It will be an odd number of stitches on your needle). Now the decrease will be the same length as the increase so figure out how long you want your headband. When it’s half as long as you want it to be notice how long you’ve been stitching the 4 inch wide center. (in my case about 3 inches) and finish the center by adding the same length again (another 3 inches).


Time to start the decrease.
Row 1 (of decrease): repeat the pattern until you get to the center stitch. Decrease by knitting (or purling) together the center and the next stitch (creating whatever the second stitch is eg. if your center stitch is a knit your middle will be a purl and purl together). Repeat the rib pattern.
2: Rib pattern across (there will be a double knit/purl in the center- even number of stitches)
3: Rib pattern to the center, knit (or purl) the double stitches together.
4: Rib pattern across (back to an odd number of stitches)

When you get back to 7 stitches bind off leaving one stitch on the needle. At this point I transfered that stitch to a crochet hook and Worked a chain of 6. I’m sure there is a way to do a chain on knitting needle, but the crochet hook is the quickest. At this point you can attach it with a single crochet to the other side of the bottom edge. OR if you want a more decorative edge you can crocheting around the edge. I used a single crochet around the edge all the way back around the button hole back to where I started the crocheting. Secure the end and weave in the tail!

Add a button to the first side and try it on! Decorate however you’d like. I like this crochet flower!


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Crochet Flower
J Hook (or whatever your preference to get the size you’d like)
Yarn (same color or other)
This flower can be as tight or as loose as you’d like it, so the size depends on that.

Chain 53
Row 1: DC in 5th Chain from hook *CH 1, skip 1 (DC-CH-DC) in next ch (V stitch made). repeat from * across to end, turn.
Row 2: CH 3 (counts as DC) 5 DC in CH space, *SC in next CH-1 space, 6 DC in next CH-1 space (shell stitch made). Repeat from *, ending in 6 DC in last CH-1 space. Fasten off, but leave a good LONG tail for anchoring the flower. 10 inches or so.

Threading the tail onto the needle and weave it into the base of the last stitch. Starting at that end, roll the first shell tighly to form the center bud. Stitch this one tightly. Keep rolling and stitching as you see fit. You can roll loosely or tightly depending on your preference.


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    • says

      Ekkk! Thank you Kari! I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t wait to get my hand out of this cast so I can make a few to keep for myself!

    • patricia says


      • says

        those are pictures of the ones I made, I’m not sure what your question is. I’m trying to get my “print this” working again, hopefully soon!

  1. liz says

    i love this design yet am more of a crochet girl and my knitting skills are very novice. would you consider making some kind of video tutorial for this? there isn’t anything like it on youtube yet!

    • says

      Once my arm is out of a cast I’ll TOTALLY do it! I haven’t seen anything on youtube, BUT it’s so huge there’s GOT to be something on already. It’s just a matter of finding the right search words! But thanks for asking, and I’ll get right on it once I have both hands again!

    • says

      do! Can’t wait to see it. Also we’ve got to find a photography class~! And you need to come over and make peanut brittle with me on a nice dry day (rain ruins candy making)

  2. Julie says

    I’m going to give it a try and see how I do :-) If it turns out for me I might give it to my MIL for Christmas! Thanks for such a neat idea!

  3. Staci Johnson says

    This is sooo cool!! I really want to learn both. Can’t wait to start wearing these adorable headbands again:) BTW, I have a fun giveaway going on at my blog today, come check it out:)

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing this Ashlee. I don’t know how to knit, but I made the crochet flower and it turned out soooo cute! :)
    I’m featuring you today.

    • says

      Let’s meet up once school starts! I only have one at home this year! CRAZY! So we can have lunch and knit/crochet! I can whip up the headbands and you can make the flowers and we can both get some done!

  5. Jessica says

    I am having a little trouble with the increasing and then picking up the loop between stitches…..I ended up having big holes in my work. I desperately want to make one of these. I, like yourself, can NOT bring myself to pay $15 for one of these when I know I can make it for $3! Apparently I am cheap, and new to knitting. I am very much looking forward to a video tutorial. Too bad it won’t be done in time for Christmas :(

    • says

      I’m so sorry! It’s been INSANE around here. I totally forgot that people were asking for this. Thanks for the reminder and I’ll get right on it! Sorry it won’t be in time for Christmas! I used the increase that works well for me. But we all knit a bit differently and it’s okay to use ANY increase (or decrease) that you feel comfortable with. I’d go to youtube and look up knitting increase. There are tons of videos that might help you with just this issue! Good luck!

  6. Sarah Penn says

    Hi there! I just added this project to my queue on Ravelry, and noticed that it is not listed as a pattern on that site. If you are not familiar w/ ravelry, please check it out!! It is free to use, and I’m assuming free to put a link to your pattern as well. :)

  7. Sarah Penn says

    Eeek!! I’m almost done… It’s sooooo cute! I just need to stitch on the flowers and leaves, add the button and block it.

    • says

      I’m so glad!!! I hope you post a pictures so we can all see. Since it’s my first pattern I was nervous no one would understand it! I’m so glad it’s working for you!!!

  8. Rebecca says

    I LOVE this and was wondering if you could put this into an all crochet pattern? I dont know how to knitt :( and theres only one FREE Crochet pattern for a headwrap like this and of course I cant understand it?? If you dont have an all Crochet pattern maybe you wouldn’t mind looking at the pattern and better describing it for me or something? I REALLY want to make this :(
    Heres the other Pattern…. TIA!!!

    • says

      I’m actually working on one right now! I’ve had quite a few requests for it. I’ll take a look at the pattern you linked up and let you know if there is an easy explanation for it!

  9. Wolveray says

    @Kari-Ucreate, Thanks for the pattern!! I’m new here! So far I’m getting some interest from people wanting me to do some knit creations for them on facebook, so I thought I’d check out some other sites (and I don’t know many knit/crochet peeps on facebook).

    • says

      I’m working on a crochet version,but I just love the knit look! I just completed a totally fun, quick and easy knit cowl. Now if I could only get someone to take a picture for me I could post it!

  10. BryAnne says

    Dear Ashlee, sorry about the broken wrist, bummer, i hope you heal quickly, i was so excited to find this pattern and take a stab at knitting. Unfortunately i am having alot of difficulty with the increase and i make bug gaps. I saw on earlier posts the possibility of doing a video, it would be a big help to a beginner once you are well again. I am so excited to learn to make this headband! With the deepest gratitude, Bree!

    • says

      Wow! My broken wrist was actually WAY back in July of 2010~ It’s healed up nicely, although it starts to hurt when the barametor changes, I guess that’s forever now! I’m now down and out with morning sickness, so that video tutorial is going to have to wait even longer! I get gaps sometimes too, but keep working and they should stretch themselves out. I’ll move it back to the top of my to do list for when I’m feeling better. Thanks for the reminder!

      • bev devine says

        Hello Ashlee,

        I take it you are Amerian. So it takes size 8 U.S. size needle? Is that right? One of my friends bought this hair band at a local craft market so we’ve all decided to get on the net and do one too. Great to keep ears warm when walking my little dog. Thanks.

          • bev devine says

            Thankyou for replying to me. I also love your purple jumper. I made your purple ear warmer last night – took 2 hours and I love it. Winter is starting to set in here although we’ve been having some lovely sunny days lately. (Abnormal for this time of year – but I don’t care). I’ll be knitting a flower tonight for my warmer. Then I’m doing one in every colour for me and friends. They are a big hit over here. Sorry for waffling on.

            Luv Aussie Bev

          • says

            YAY! So glad you like them! I wish it was getting cooler here, we’ve been above 105 for a few days now, GAH.

  11. Nityakalyani says

    Hi – the hair band looks lovely. Can you share the knitting pattern of the flower as I do not know to crochet. Your help will be appreciated

    • says

      Thanks! I love making them, BUT I don’t have a knit pattern for the flower. I’ve just barely learned to knit this last year, so I’m still pretty basic. A cable is as fancy as I get. I’m sure you could use ANY flower pattern you already know how to make.

  12. Pat Tibesar says

    Hi I love your knitted earwarmer want to make some but do not understand the pattern at all . Could you send me a better written pattern ,like row1 row 2 and so on . Thanks Pat

  13. says

    I have been looking all over for a pattern like this! Thank you. I am new to knitting and I’m having trouble understanding the pattern. I can do the first four rows (easy) but I am having trouble with the rib pattern. Do you have a video? I am very excited to make this. Thank you again.

  14. Chrystal says

    I am also having problems with the pattern after the first 4 rows. I saw you emailed someone a more detailed pattern, with each row listed, could you possibly send me that? I find it easier to follow a pattern when I have each row listed. Thank you!!

    • says

      I didn’t email anyone a row by row pattern, But I’ll forward you the email I sent her. Because everyone makes it to fit their own head there isn’t really a row by row pattern to send. It’s all by how wide you want it as you make it.

  15. Laurie Giddings says

    I don’t know why I am having trouble with this pattern!? It is the increase. I just don’t feel confident that I am doing it correctly. I am frustrated! I love the end result and it seems like I am one of the few who doesn’t “get it”. Any advise?

    • says

      your not the only one. I get as many questions as I get people who had no problem with the pattern. I left the style of increase up to you. since we all knit our own way (tight, loose, etc..) I left the increase up to you. There are tons of different ways to increase and decrease so pick the one that works for you. I tried one way and it left gaps for me I didn’t like, so I moved on to a different style of increase. I think I tried 3 before I found the style that worked for me and that I liked. FYI even the style I ended up going with looked a bit gap-ish at first, it wasn’t until I had gone a few rows that I could look back and see that it looked okay. Does that help at all??? I did a google search on knit increase and tried a few that I found that way…

  16. Mimi says

    Thanks for sharing your pattern!! My daughter asked me to make this for her so I started it last night. I had to do a search for a M1 because I have always just done a simple KFB for an increase but that didn’t work with this one. For those interested: Has a great M1 with the loop below that does NOT leave a hole in the project. It has worked like a charm with this pattern. I also crocheted the flower and this is where I am kind of stuck. Is there a way we are supposed to put it together? I haven’t figured out what leaving the long tail purpose is lol I am sure its something simple my brain just isn’t comprehending :)

    • says

      If you scroll past the last picture there is an explanation. Maybe I should move it to ABOVE the picture so it doesn’t get overlooked! Here is what I said

      Threading the tail onto the needle and weave it into the base of the last stitch. Starting at that end, roll the first shell tighly to form the center bud. Stitch this one tightly. Keep rolling and stitching as you see fit. You can roll loosely or tightly depending on your preference.”

  17. Kim says

    I really love this headband. I am not having difficulty with the increase so much, as the next row when I have two purls or knits in the center. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m really struggling with this. I loose the rib effect. Any suggestions?

    • says

      you do lose the ribbing effect until the next increase. Don’t worry, in the end it works out. The center increase rows will look like this (obviously the even rows are opposite)
      knit knit
      knit purl knit
      knit purl purl knit
      knit purl knit purl knit… etc
      It will be the same on the decrease side
      knit purl knit purl knit
      knit purl purl knit
      knit purl knit
      knit knit

  18. Nisha Thomas says

    love your pattern! Though i’m having trouble with the ribbing effect. The first half of the stitches is fine the ribbing is smooth and unbroken… but once i finish the increase and continue ribbing it comes broken with a vertical stitch every two rows down…… can you please tell me where i’m going wrong? from a distance it looks like its completely ribbed but close up i can see these stitches cutting the ribbing…. unlike your continous ribbing in your photo. Thanks!

    • says

      Ummm I’m not sure. A vertical stitch every 2 rows doesn’t make any sense to me. I really need to get a video made. Would that help do you think?

  19. cris says

    I love this headband/ear warmer! I had first seen one of these at a local “home show” and feel in love with it, but didn’t want to fork over $30 for something I was sure I could easily knit once I found the perfect pattern on Ravelry and I found yours! Thanks for sharing!

    I do have one question… You said to use your favorite yarn, but I wanted to make sure I get the right dimensions and wanted to use similar weighted yarn. What weight yarn do you usually use to make these headbands?

    • says

      I used worsted weight… I never really knew about weight differences or paid attention until I got more into ravelry! I like to go with a soft yarn, sometimes even using the yarn for babies so it’ super soft around my ears!

  20. cris says

    Thanks Ashlee. I’m about to cast-on to make a few of these for xmas gifts. Thanks for the suggestion of using yarns for babies! That’s a great idea!

  21. Caroline says

    Hi Ashlee,

    Please make a video tutorial as soon as possible! I love the design except, as being a beginner to knitting, am very confused with the ribbing…. >.< If you could send me a more detailed way for the increasing parts, that would be so extremely helpful!! For example, for the first increase, do I knit four then increase? or do I knit three then increase?

    Thanks! Totally cute stuff!! :)

    • says

      I have the video scheduled, but since my computer crash I lost my video editing software so I’m working on it.
      one way to do it:
      first increase row: k, p, kfb, p k
      2nd increase row: p, k, p, p, k, p
      3rd increase row: k, p, k, kfb, p, k
      4th increase row: p, k, p, k, p, k, p

      another way is to knit or purl in the bar between the stitches
      first increase row: k, p, k bar, k stitch, p k
      2nd increase row: p, k, p, p, k, p
      3rd increase row: k, p, k, p bar, k stitch, p, k
      4th increase row: p, k, p, k, p, k, p

  22. Machel Y says

    This headband is so cute! I am very new at knitting, so some of this is hard for me to understand. On the first row sure what you meant by knit/ purl/ knit/ purl. I tried it and I keep getting it all messed up. Any idea what i’m doing wrong?

    • says

      a standard rib pattern, have the yarn in the back and knit, then pull the yarn to the front and purl, pull the yarn to the back and knit, etc…

  23. Leasa Sieve says

    Have you posted a video for the flower ear band? It would be helpful. Thanks so much for posting the pattern, it is the best one i’ve found.

    • says

      I haven’t posted a video yet, when I do I’ll let everyone know! I have plans for it, but my video editing software isn’t working right now- Grrr

  24. Pam says

    Thank you for sharing your pattern; that really is very generous of you. I was having trouble with the increases and staying in the rib pattern, so I do appreciate your December 2011 and January 2012 psots.

  25. Erin Stoloff says

    What yarn do you use? I’d like to get an idea of the weight to choose an appropriate yarn and gauge. Thanks!

    • says

      medium weight… worsted… Anything you find that knits well with the needle size would work though. light yarn with give you a more lacy airy look, narrower too, but I would stay away from bulky!

  26. Rachel says

    I have tried this pattern and given up after the 6th row each time. I would really appreciate a video tutorial. Thank you! My knitting skills are minimal and would really love to learn to make these.

    • says

      Like I say in the pattern itself: “Now after every other increase you’ll have two knit’s or two purls in a row. Don’t worry about it. It will be fixed on your next increase. row” so it’s a rib pattern, but not a rib pattern, purl, knit, purl, knit, knit, purl, knit, purl…

    • says

      The reason I left it vague is because most knitters have a favorite increase they like to use. it’s just an increase in the center every other row until it’s as wide as you want it. Pick your favorite knitting increase and go for it! There are so many different styles and the one that worked for me might not work for you!

  27. Kelli says

    Hi Ashlee. Thanks for the great pattern! I’ve made a couple of these as gifts and I love them! I was wondering what your thoughts are on copyrights for your designs. I am thinking of starting an etsy shop and would love to offer these ear warmers. Let me know your thoughts! Feel free to email me if you like.

    • says

      your so welcome! I don’t mind if you make and sell them since I don’t want to. But please don’t sell the pattern and give me credit. That way people who want to make their own can and those who want to buy can as well.

  28. teeshann says

    been looking for a good pattern for these. so glad to have found your blog. definatly making a few for christmas gifts. thank you so much.

  29. Almira says

    This is lovely! I have been looking for a pattern and I was led to your website. Thanks for sharing. Im a beginner for this. My query is would it be ok to use a circular needle for this? Pls let me know. Thanks.

  30. Patricia says

    Thank you soooo much for this pattern. I am planning to make this head wrap for my daughter’s Christmas present. Very grateful for your site and your willingness to share. Have a wonderful day! you made mine a happy one!

  31. Mary Lou Grear says

    I really like this pattern. But like some others, being a beginner knitter I am confused on rows 6 thru 10.
    Can you help me find what I am doing wrong? This is what I have…
    row 4 k, p, k, p, k, p, k, ..that makes 7 stitches on the needle.
    row 5 p , k, p, k, pfb k, p 8 stitches on the needle
    ros 6 k, p, k, p, K, K , p, k 8 stitches on the needle.
    row 7 p, k, p, k, Pfb, p k, p 9 stitches on the needle
    row 8 k, p, k, p, K, K, K, K p, k 10 stitches
    row 9 p, k, p, k, Pfb, P, P, P, k, p 11 stitches
    row 10 k, p, k, p, k, k, k, k, k, , p, k 11 stitches
    I completely loose the pattern and end up with nice rib rows on the edges
    but not in the center. I really look forward to doing this and hope you can get
    me straightened out. Thanks,
    Mary Lou Grear

    • says

      row 4 k, p, k, p, k, p, k, ..that makes 7 stitches on the needle.
      row 5 p, k, p, kfb, p k, p 8 stitches
      ros 6 k, p, k, p, p, k, p, k 8 stitches
      row 7 p, k, p, k, kfb, p, k, p 9 stitches
      row 8 k, p, k, p, k, p, k, p, k 9 stitches
      row 9 p, k, p, k, Pfb, k, p, k, p 10 stitches
      row 10 k, p, k, p, k, k, p, k, p, k 10 stitches
      row 11 p, k, p, k, P, Pfb, k, p, k, p 11 stitches
      row 12 k, p, k, p, k, p, k, p, k, p, k 11 stitches

      does that help?

  32. Kelly says

    Thanks for posting this!!! I have been working on my own, but am running out of time for Christmas! This was a big help!

  33. Angela says

    I have been looking for a pattern like this for a while! I pinned it and will start on it tonight! Thanks so much for posting!!

  34. Karen says

    Thanks so much for the pattern. I just finished my first one and love , love it.!! Wish I had seen this sooner they would make great Christmas gifts. thanks for sharing.

  35. Tammie says

    Hello, did anyone ever find the crochet version for this? I’ve searched and still can’t find the correct one. Thanks

  36. Jill says

    Hi Ashlee, I found this headwarmer at The problem is that the person provides a crochet version that looks nothing like the knitted version (her examples on the page are even knitted and not crocheted.) I read your reviews and noticed you said several times you were working on the crocheted version of the headband. Were you able to make one? I have googled the band and have not come up with any similar in stitch (the v-shape you have in the middle) of this pattern. Well, let me know, a fellow crocheter and I have been looking at this trying to figure out how to convert and as you probably guessed… I KNOW NOTHIN’ ABOUT KNITTING! Tried it once, hid the knitting needles from myself.. no patience. Thanks~ Jill

    • says

      sorry, I checked on ravelry and there were SOOOO many crochet headbands already I never bothered. Sorry. Try to find something you like there. but there is only one good way to get a knit look… knit!

  37. Leslie says

    Thank you so much for sharing. Did a photo shoot yesterday and felt like I was freezing to death [okay, it was 45, but I live in Vegas and it felt like zero]. I’m back out tomorrow and needed to find something quick, cute and functional. I’m sure this will do the trick!

    • says

      I’m so glad! It’s been in the NEGATIVE numbers up here in UT for the past 3 weeks. Mine have totally come in handy in this uber cold winter!

  38. Joanne says

    Thanks so much for posting this pattern. Was looking all over for something like this. Can’t wait to make this.

  39. J. Averett-Hulsey says

    I love the looks of your kniited ear warmer, Topsy Turvy, and have looked and looked for a pattern. This is just what I have been looking for but the ads on the page block out some of the knit instructions on the right side of instructions. I dont seem to be able to eliminate the ads on the page so can you please give the full instructions for Row 5, Row 7; and on Row 1 (when you start to decrease) all of the instructions are not shown. Thanks so much!

    • says

      I’m not sure whats going on, it looks just right to me on chrome, firefox and IE. Can you try it again and see if it’s still not working? I also have the print option. Are you on a PC or on a tablet? let me know your browser and what your viewing it on and I’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

    • says

      apparently the “print this” plug in on the blog isn’t working right now, I’m trying to get it fixed. You can copy and paste, or come back in a week and see if I can get it fixed! GAH! hate it when technology messes up!

    • says

      if you click the green “print” box you’ll notice all the pictures disappear, you can also delete section/paragraph you want before printing, it’s a great new plug in I hope makes printing patterns easier!

  40. Breanna says

    I need help!
    I am new to knitting so I am sorry if this is a dumb question. I have figured out how to do the increase, but now I am having a hard time with the decrease. Can you lay it out for me in Row 1: k,p,k…..

    Thank you so much!

  41. Danielle says

    Thanks for posting this! It was a lot of fun to make, so I made 2 already. :-) I used a different pattern for the flower, but they look so cute!

  42. WildRiverHeart says

    Hi! Just wanted to thank you for a great and simple pattern! I tried the headband on both size 6 and size 8 needles. It goes a lot better on the 8 just so you know! When I used the 6s, it didn’t widen fast enough to really cover the ears and also the increase/decrease just looks sloppier. The size 8s work wonderfully – smooth and seamless pattern!!!
    I have found some other flat decorative shapes to add on such as birds, stars, leaves, etc.
    Thanks again and happy knitting :-)

    • says

      That’s good to know! Everyone knit’s so differently it’s hard to guess what some people will like! I’m glad you tried both and found what worked for you.

  43. Patricia D says

    Ashlee, thanks a ton for posting this. I think it’s great how you meticulously answer everyone with patience and kindness! I’ve been looking for a pattern like this, even bought one on etsy (it was line by line and very tedious). I like to look and knit by intuition, not so much line by line.

    One question, your instructions at the middle of the headband. What is done when you get to the middle again? For some reason, (I’m a very experienced knitter.. doh!) I can’t figure this one out! Always a challenge to me.. at any age!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and graciousness.
    Pat at the NJ Shore where it’s gonna snow like nutz!

    • says

      once I’m done with the increases I keep kitting the k/p/k or p/k/p across until it fits halfway around my head. Then I count how many rows I did from the last increase row to the center, let’s say 13.. so then I do 13 more rows (or how ever many it took you to get to that point) so I know that I have a large enough center so when I do my decreases on the other side I won’t fall short or too big on the other end. does that help?

  44. Christen says

    Just wanted to thank you for this pattern! I made six of these for Christmas gifts, and I’m finally getting around to making one for myself! The gifts were a big hit, as these sell in Alaska boutiques for $25 and up.

  45. PEACHES says

    I’m totally enjoying your pages, the energy and creativity of your parties and patterns.May you continue bringing much happiness into the lives of your family and others
    Please tell your mother she looks young enough to be a sister to you! Excellent GENES!

  46. Joan says

    Thank you for this pattern, and for the fabulous flower which looks perfect on this headband/earwarmer.
    What pretty models you have for your patterns. Are they your daughters? Lovely lassies!

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