Fabric Origami Christmas Star Ornaments

I actually made these stars 9 years ago during our Christmas in Japan.  We hadn’t been able to ship anything over, and we certainly didn’t have a tree so I found some gorgeous Japanese fat quarter squares and made these ornaments.  I made about 80 of them and shipped half of them back to family in the states.


For a tree I cut out green card stock handprints, the bottom two rows are my husbands hands, then mine, then The Reader and finally topped off with Computer boy’s hand prints!  We taped them to the window, added a bunch of the ornaments and voila, a bit of Christmas in Japan!


(side note, I’ve always thought Baby Boy looked like Computer boy, what do you think?)

I started out by stiffening all the fabric squares, I soaked them in Stiffy, wrung them out and layed them out to dry for a week or so.  then I cut them all into the largest hexagons I could get out of the squares.


I can’t find my original instructions for these stars, but I found this video that shows how to cut a perfect hexagon and how to fold these.  If you want to do a fabric version like I did DON’T follow the instructions for  cutting the hexagon, you don’t want too many folds or your lose the stiffness, just cut a paper hexagon and use it as a template for your fabric.


Then follow the video for folding the squares.  Then I sprayed them slightly to get them a bit damp, used paper clips to hold the creases and let them dry for a few days again!

Finally I added some seed beads and thick upholstery thread to one of the points for them to hang from!  Done!  These are still one of my favorite of all the ornaments I’ve made over the years!


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  1. Susan says

    This ornament is gorgeous! To simplify the process, I used basic shapes in Microsoft Word. You can make the shape in any size you want!

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