Cupcakes for Charity

Last week I got invited to attend a celebration for Ivory Homes 25th anniversary! As part of the celebration they are hosting a cupcake competition for charity!

The picture with the most likes on this Instagramimage and REPINS from this pin on Pinterest wins and their charity gets $1 from every like/repin!

It ends Friday at 4pm so if you are on pinterest or Instagram please please PLEASE go like/repin my cupcake!

This is my cupcake! (cupcakes and frosting provided by One Sweet Slice– flower and everything else is all me, thanks to Rhonna designs for the insta celebration fonts)

My Charity is Spectrum Academy, a charter school for children on the Autism Spectrum. Autism and Aspergers kids tend to get bullied very badly in public schools. Our oldest was being bullied by mean girls (calling her names and throwing rocks at her at recess) in 3rd grade when we found Spectrum Academy.

It has been COMPLETELY life changing for us. Our children went from being bullied, depressed and suicidal to happy, successful in class and they even have FRIENDS! And for me having teachers that GET my kids, see their strengths can deal with their difficulties and truly LOVE them is beyond amazing to me. They have great advice, tips, they know how to reach and help my children.

Charter schools are always in need of funds, especially charter schools where 80% of the families attending Spectrum are below poverty level. They keep the classrooms small, with a teacher and assistant in every room, along with occupational therapists, speech, counselors, etc…

There are very few schools around the nation specific for children on the spectrum and almost all of those are private schools with high fees. Spectrum was the first charter school of it’s kind and there are now 4 (Spectrum has exanded and counts for two of those, with another expansion in the works!), and hopefully more to come, so many families need these specialty schools and cant afford the private ones. Hopefully the success of this school will lead to others being started so that more children and families can benefit!

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