Crochet baby munchkin hat

A few weeks before Baby Boy was born I went a bit crazy crocheting (and knitting) baby hats for him impending photoshoot! I found all my inspiration on pinterest! This Crochet Munchkin Hat Pattern totally caught my eye and I HAD to make it (I think I HAVE to make a few more!)


Neanner is AMAZING and creates some wonderful knit and crochet patterns she gives away for FREE on her site! Her instructions were easy to follow and made a gorgeous hat!  And of course it looked AMAZING during our photoshoot!  I wish I’d gone with more boy colors, rather than this stark red/black, but it’s still a gorgeous hat!


In fact the stripped knit hat I showed off last month was also one of her patterns! And I have a few more of her patterns pinned (okay, more than a few!) Don’t forget to link up your own pinterest inspired projects (ONE more day before voting starts!!!!): Recipes/food, home decor, sewing and general craft!


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  1. says

    This is the cutest/best idea! I can’t wait till I have a baby so I can make the same hat for them! I love it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Natalie says

    Hi – I was just wondering if you had a copy of the pattern – the link is dead :(

    I’m in Christchurch New Zealand and Red and Black are the colours – this hat is just too cute to not make!

    • says

      I updated the link, but when I went to check she’s taken down the pattern because of stupid people stealing images!! BOOOO! it is a really cute hat, Try emailing her and asking for a pattern that way!

  3. Jamie says

    Do you still have this pattern? She no longer has it up and I tried emailing her over a week ago. I cant find anything as cute as this one!! I would love this for my kids! Its so stinking cute!

    • says

      I don’t! I’ll work on creating my own pattern though! it was super easy though, I don’t remember exactly, but start with a magic circle, dc 8 maybe? and do it for a ton of rows, then every other row increase a bit… then increase a lot, then don’t increase at all for a few rows then finish off! Sorry I can’t be more exact from memory!

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