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Eeeek! I’m so excited about today’s guest poster! Jenny at Craft Test Dummies is amazing! She does crafts, features crafters, does great product reviews, just a great blog! Right now she’s listed at Number 21 out of the 50 top crafts blogs at Babble. Lets help her break the top 20!!! This week she’s featuring recycled and green crafts!

OK, so this is kind of weird- but I wanted to see if the Cricut Cake would cut out bologna & cheese. In other words, something very different from the Fondant and Frosting Sheets that I’d tried out previously.

The good news- cutting bologna and pre-wrapped cheese slices (such a Kraft Singles) proved to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Really. It was as simple as placing the bologna & cheese onto a lightly-greased mat. (Remember, Crisco is preferred, and it’s really best to apply with a pastry brush.) No chilling was necessary for this at all. SWEET!

See that fruit roll-up on the sheet? Ignore it for now!

Then load your mat & choose your image. I picked the cut cowboy hat from the “Birthday Cakes” cartridge.Then CUT!

We'll talk about the Fruit Roll-Up debacle tomorrow.

Now isn’t that super-cute?? I can imagine serving these at a kid’s party or play-date. I might also cut a round circle of cheese to fit these Archer Farms Sandwich Thins, then place the cutie stuff on top.

Here are a few more images I tried:

So, folks- that’s all to report on THIS topic. Now if Oscar Meyer only made jumbo bologna sheets- ya think we could convince them???

Cheers and happy crafting, Jenny

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