Craft Wars Party Cake

A few weeks ago my friend, Mandi, was on the show Craft Wars! Bridget hosted a viewing party the night of her show and I made this cake for the party!


I obviously used the shows logo for the base of my design!  I had so much fun with this one, first I created the letters on skewers and let them dry… Then I created the details of each letter.


I used a clay extruder in mixed purples and pink to get the thin strings for the yarn wrapped C, then rolled out different reds for the buttons…  The scissors were the hardest part, I ended up making two versions, for the one that worked I rolled out grey fondant onto skewers and cut out the scissor shapes.  Then I rolled a very thin layer of blue and covered the top of the scissors once they dried.


For the knit F I extruded thicker ropes of the grey, pressed them together in rows, cut at angles and pressed together to get the tell tale knit V shapes!  Then super thin black ropes for the detail! And finally for the T I cut out small flowers and press them together!  Each letter was easy, but of course time consuming!


The A I made a head of time, in layers, as well a the bolt, and sprayed them with gold and silver, splattered with some brown for the rust.  The S I originally made broke when I tried to press it into the cake so I had to roll out some grey and create a makeshift S on the spot.  Lucky for me I always have a kit with me to fix stuff like this…  After I got it on I painted it silver!

The W and R were the most stressful part, once you put black paint onto a white cake your stuck with what you’ve created, I painted the W on, and spray painted the R…  I am in LOVE with how they both turned out!!!


Here I am with Mandi- SERIOUSLY- could she be any cuter!  I love this girl!  She got totally robbed on the show- but that’s how reality TV goes, I see HUGE things in her future!  She thinks WAY outside the box and I admire her SO much.


There were over 100 people in the basement for the party and showing, Gygi’s donated an italian soda bar, One Sweet Slice brought their AMAZING cupcakes, and Pick your Plum brought the party favors!!!


The party was a blast!  Everyone brought food, there was a pool, fireworks and a great view.  The best part was the company, as always!  Some of my favorite people and some people I meet for the first time!  Always fun to be had with fellow bloggers!


So do you watch Craft Wars?  What do you think??? I’m excited that there are crafts on Television, but I think the show is missing it’s mark. I don’t make patio furniture out of beach toys. I make it out of wood, with my miter saw, a nail gun, a good stain and polyurethane!  Just because we’re home DIY crafters doesn’t mean we make crap out of crap…


That said I love that my friends are getting a chance to get out there, and I can’t wait to see more episodes with more of my blogging friends, and I hope this leads to more opportunities for everyone!

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Ashlee has been cake decorating for 9 year, and blogging for 7+. She has 5 children ages 3-13 that she enjoys throwing parties for. She loves to bake, cook, crochet, knit, do home improvement, graphic design, photography and writing.
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  1. Jess from Cox's Corner says

    Girl you nailed that cake! As in NAILED IT! I love it. I’m right with ya on Craft Wars…I LOVE that crafts are on TV, but I certainly don’t make random crap out of crap… have a great day!

    • says

      Thank you SO much! It was such a fun cake to design and make! I hope the next season they make a few changes, cause i love the idea of it!

  2. says

    The cake rocks!!!! The party is cool. Hanging with friends and new friends, always fun. I completely agree, the show is missing the mark!!!!

  3. says

    You are SO talented I just cant even wrap my mind around it. I really am so impressed with not only your talent but how SWEET you are. You are such a fun person to be around and really put a smile on everyones face. Thanks for being so sweet to me at SNAP and as well at the event!


    • says

      your so welcome! I enjoy meeting new people and finding like minded local gals is a PLUS! Thanks for hosting and I can’t wait to play with you more!

  4. says

    OMG – that cake is (was?) amazing!!! The Craft Wars logo was spot-on! Such a special creation to make for Mandi! (That viewing party looked like a ton of fun too!) I agree with your sentiments about the show. I thought Mandi did the first craft the best – she used the elements they told her to use. Period. I also hope there will be some major tweaking on the format for any future seasons of the show. While I also enjoy seeing friends and bloggers I admire compete on the show, I find myself disappointed every week that the TV audience doesn’t get to see what these ladies truly are capable of creating! But I digress! In summary: your cake design ROCKS!

    • says

      it was a fun party! thank you so much, I worked really hard getting the logo just right, I’m still totally tickled with it! I agree, she did what they said, and got punished for it! how does a bird house that can’t withstand the elements move on??? oh well! i agree, I hope they “fix” it for the next season, I have high hopes for it being an amazing show!

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