My Craft Channel episode

I have always wanted to be on TV, in fact to this day I wouldn’t say no to my own show… But for some reason I don’t think the Food Network has much need for a show about a one woman cake business done in my small basement kitchen at midnight when my kids are asleep… But hey, if you guys want to see it I’m all for it!


So when the chance came to film an episode of My Craft Studio I jumped at the chance! I was SO nervous, and it went so fast! But it was super fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat~ So who wants to give me my own show?? HA!


I look like a GIANT next to Kristine!!! I even took off my 5 inch stiletto’s for filming! It was really fun to film. It was fun and I think it went well, but I can already see what I wish I had done differently!  I certainly need some practice before I get my own show, but what a totaly rush and so so SO much fun!

I didn’t HATE my voice like usual, but I hate my double chin… And the fact that I NEVER looked at the camera.  My eyes are my favorite feature and you only get to see them for seconds at a time! GAH!!! So be kind! Head on over and watch it and let me know what you think!!!

So whose going to try to make some gumpaste roses??? These are the roses I’ll be teaching with my Fondant Roses and Ruffles class at Gygi’s

I got my egg shaped Styrofoam at Michael’s.
The ball tool, large rose petal cookie cutter and flower foam from any cake decorating supply store, like Gygi’s. Don’t forget to use my code: “topsyturvy” for a 10% discount and for locals choose next day pick up.

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  1. Karen McKown-Arano says

    Wow, you did a great job. I wouldn’t have noticed your “double chin” if you hadn’t mentioned it. Seriously, not an issue, (and the host has more of one, lol.) Your voice was fine. You seemed very interesting, knowledgeable, and relaxed. The only thing I could criticize was your discomfort with your height. You seemed to want to shrink to her size in a few parts of the video. (Don’t you hate tiny women????? I used to be the “big” girl in my classes, now I am a lot shorter than the teenagers. The only kids in my family who are shorter than I are 10 and under.) Your eye shadow? Didn’t even notice it, and I notice if it is bad; voice was fine, I notice “bad” voices, too. Love your hair, btw. Great Job!

    • says

      thanks! And your right, it’s sometimes hard to be so tall, I even took off my 4 inch heels for the show! it also doesn’t help trying to work on a low table… I’m sure I’d hunch while working even with a taller host! Thank you so MUCH!

  2. dawn says

    I just came across this, I enjoyed the video. I thought you did a Great job!! You inspired me to get out my gum paste and try some of those roses.

    • says

      yay!!! I love hearing that people are trying new techniques out! I hope you have a ton of fun with it. Gumpaste flowers are SOOOO much fun!

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