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The time has come” the walrus said… wait… am I calling myself a walrus in this situation? GAH. ANYWAY I’ve been a one woman show here at I’m Topsy Turvy from the beginning. I have loved it, I love everything about it. I love designing, coding, teaching, sharing, posting, etc… ALL of it. BUT blogging is changing, and one women shows are dying left and right. It’s a lot to do, run a full time blog while taking care of my family AND work on NEW and exciting projects!

The good news? I have a ton of new plans for the blog that I think you’ll enjoy, bad news is I’m having a hard time “doing it all”. SOOOO I’m looking for a team. People who love what’s already going on here and want to keep it up with me! I’m looking for a few contributors to each post just ONCE a month.


I’m looking for:

  • People who are crazy talented but don’t want to run a blog (it’s a LOT of work).
  • People who are just starting out and want to learn more about blogging (I love to teach).
  • Or maybe a long time blogger looking to expand your SEO influence by contributing.

I’m not just looking for contributors for the sake of filling up my posting schedule. If I don’t find the right fit I won’t fill it. I’m patient and in no hurry. I’d rather keep going the way it’s always been, just me, than have someone whose not the right fit.


  • One blog post a month 300-500 words
  • With 4-5 pictures (or more if it’s a tutorial), with at least three amazing finished images.
  • You’ll use your own username and password and have your own authorship, I’ll need a headshot, bio and it would best if you have your own google + account


  • Be creative, unique ideas, posts, etc… No stealing, copying, or recreating something that’s been done a thousand times
  • Have a nice camera, DSLR is best, and be comfortable using it
  • Know how to edit pictures or have good editing software (I can teach you how to use it)
  • Feel comfortable writing and have a fun personality that comes out when you write
  • Responsible, able to make deadlines.
  • If you don’t know how to blog be willing and ready and excited to learn the basics


  • Exposure to my audience
  • Learning, photography, blogging, social media, I’m happy to teach and share
  • Social media shares if you have your own blog
  • And some monetary compensation, monthly as well as a bonus for posts that do well
  • Potential opportunities for reviews, sponsored posts and joining me at events and conferences

If any of this sounds fun or a good fit for you or someone you know fill out the info below (or forward this post to someone you think would be amazing). I’m looking for posts on Parties, Crochet or Knitting patterns, Fashion, Printables, Crafts, DIY, Photography OR Any suggestions??? I’m totally open to talent!

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Ashlee has been cake decorating for 9 year, and blogging for 7+. She has 5 children ages 3-13 that she enjoys throwing parties for. She loves to bake, cook, crochet, knit, do home improvement, graphic design, photography and writing.
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  1. says

    When you said ‘The Time is Now’, I totally thought of Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please go Now! I’ve had that story rhyme in my head all day since I read this this morning. Could be worse 😀 So exciting that you’re expanding, and Kudos for realizing when you just can’t do it all. More of us need to realize that, methinks!

    • says

      HA! that’s great! Funny how just a few words brings so many different memories to mind, huh? usually I’d just take time off the blog, but the blogging world is changing and it seems like the next thing to try!

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