Cascading Wild Rose Wedding Cake

Last week my sweet cousin got married. I’m the oldest of the cousins in my family, and I used to take care of her when we were younger! It’s crazy that she’s old enough to get married! And she made a beautiful bride. When she got engaged I offered to make her cake as my gift (which I do for all my cousins, and husbands cousins although they don’t all take me up on it).


She came over for dinner with her fiancee and mom to talk about the cake design. She had a few inspirational photo’s of her own, and then I pulled out the laptop and showed her my Cake Pinterest board. She wanted to go with all white, and we also wanted the cake that was inspired by her gorgeous dress.


Seriously? Could that skirt be more beautiful? Anyway when scrolling through my pinterest board we found this gorgeous ruffled flowered cake and decided to go with it!


I worked on the main flower centerpiece for a few days and I am SO happy with how it turned out! I also made about 100 petals ahead of time and dried them, but when I tried to use them on the cake they were TOO curved and kept getting in each other’s way. So in the end it worked better to make fresh petals for the cake and I only used about a dozen of the dried petals on the top of the flower.


It was a HUGE cake and it turned out amazing! I was SO pleased with how well it turned out. All 4 layers are different flavors as well. I’ve had a lot of issues with my cake baking since we moved up here to UT on this mountain. I finally think I figured out a trick that works for me and these cakes are the best I’ve made in 2 years!

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    • says

      It’s actually pretty funny watching the newlyweds try to cut into a cake. It’s like they know their going to be cutting a cake and don’t think about it, but once they are standing there with the crowd and cameras all of a sudden they realize they don’t know how to cut a WEDDING cake! It’s so cute watching them flounder through it. After that I was actually the official cake cutter, and it has never bothered me cutting into my cakes! If it did I guess I couldn’t do it.

    • says

      thank you so much! The whole dress is just incredible! The gathering of the bodice and the laced up back… Just an amazing dress, her mom works for a dress shop in SLC so she got a great deal on a spectacular dress.

    • says

      Bummer I’m 37 weeks that weekend and my birthday weekend… Pretty sure my Dr. doesn’t want me traveling that close to the baby! But I sure would LOVE an excuse to head back to Oregon, it’s where I grew up and since my parents moved away 12 years ago I have only been back about 3 times.

  1. says

    Holey Schmoley. That cake and that skirt are FANTASTIC. You, lady, have some serious decorating talent. Pinning this (only for drooling at…I could never duplicate it!!).

    • says

      thank you so much! I’m happy with how it turned out, although I can see how I would do it a BIT different next time. BUT as I don’t like to ever do the same cake twice that won’t happen! Still I learn something new from every cake I make!

    • says

      Mmmm it was so good! Funny enough it was the first cake I’d made in quite awhile I actually got a piece of. Kind of funny how that works out, as many cakes as I make I EAT very little!

  2. Megan says

    I LOVE that dress! it is so gorgeous! where did you find it? i’d love to take a look at something like that for my wedding! and the cake is such a perfect compliment! nice work! :)

    • says

      Ummmm Her mom works for a bridal shop here in SLC, I forget the name of the designer or store, I’ll try to remember to ask her this weekend when I see them!

  3. Krystle says

    This is the first time I’ve been to your site. Love it! Imagine my surprise as I’m wandering through and realize that I KNOW your cousin! Same high school and college :) What a small world! The cake is beautiful and I love how it ties in with the dress!

    • says

      CRAZY! I’m assuming you mean the bride! It is a small world! Thanks so much, the cake was super fun to make and with such amazing inspiration as that dress it was easy!

  4. Shannon says

    This is beautiful! My sister has a similar picture that is the inspiration for her wedding cake. Are the rose petals hand sewn? Is there anyway you’d be willing to post a blog the teaches the technique? Or post resources that teach this?

    • says

      the rose and all the petals are fondant. I cut them out, ruffled them and “glued” them on with vodka (clear vanilla works okay, but not quite as well! the main center rose I made about a week ahead of time so it could dry. I made a bunch of dried petals to use around the top, where they had to stick up, but most of the bottom was made fresh on the spot as I was putting together the cake onsite.

  5. Elisabeth says

    You have done a stunning job on this cake!!! This is the cake my daughter wants for her wedding next weekend!!!! I need help as I am not sure how to assemble the flower…is the base of the flower put together with wire and/or just placed on the cake with icing? Are the petals wired also or placed also with icing to secure? Do you think that this can be done with buttercream instead of fandant I really would appreciate your help with this…please… Thank you Elisabeth

    • says

      Thanks so much. I created the main center of the flower and let it dry. I created it on a skewer with a Styrofoam center and used the skewer to push it into the cake. I added petals around the main flower with clear vanilla (or vodka)

      There is no way to create this cake with buttercream. Gumpaste or Fondant is it

  6. Judy says

    Saw this on pinterest ! Love the cake and fell in love this dress even more :) been looking everywhere for the type of look ! Great job on the cake too

  7. Jo says


    Hi Ashley,
    I love your cakes!! You are an artist!!! I also love that dress!! I see you mentioned the dress is from a SLC shop but I’m dying to know where exactly is this dress sold??

    • says

      my aunt works for a design company, but they don’t have a store front, they do sell their designs at wedding shops, but this dress was from last season, so I don’t know where you could get it. The design company is called “Maggie Sottero”

  8. Jo says

    I see. I’ll see if I can find a similar one then. Thanks a bunch for the info!! I wish you could’ve done my cake for my destination wedding but I don’t think you’d fit in my luggage! Your cakes are amazing!!! It’s like you don’t even want to cut them and ruin them!!

    • says

      HA! I’d trade a trip for a cake 😉 Good luck finding the perfect dress. It’s all about the dress, after that everything falls into place! And congrats!

  9. says

    Wow, Your cake is way cute, and Decorated very well! Who knows, Maybe when I get married I will contact you 😉 lol I Love the Dress! I know I’m young, But Nothing will planning ahead 😉 right?

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