Baby Boy’s Cake Mix & Sprinkles Birthday Cake

The CAAAAKE (sing song voice)! I knew I wanted to do a multi-tiered version of my rainbow sprinkle cake! It’s SOOO pretty.

a Sprinkles covered Cake is fun, bright and perfect for birthday parties

I was worried it would be TOO sprinkle-y, all those tiers covered top to bottom and stacked. So when I saw this Rainbow Jimmy cake on pinterest it was the perfect answer, break it up with some white fondant ribbon along the bottom of each tier.

The centerpiece of our babies first birthday party was this sprinkle covered three tier cake

I debated doing a sprinkled number 1 on the top again, but I ended up going with this washi tape bunting. I haven’t done bunting before, but I think it fits this cake great!.

a sprinkles cake can be dressed up easily with a fondant ribbon and bow at the bottom of each tier

I have dreams of doing an ombre sprinkle cake. Or all one color maybe… ohhh all white! It’s so quick, easy and versatile!  oh oh oh, all white JIMMY’s!!!  Or maybe a cake covered in large sugar crystals, right???  Apparently I need to make some “just for fun” cakes, you know when I have a free weekend…

the baby was unsure of the Sprinkles Cake, or maybe the candle

What would you like to see pressed on the sides of a buttercream cake?  Favorite candy? M&M’s, Reeces Pieces?  I’ve seen more and more of these cakes popping up on pinterest!

It's easy to make your own Sprinkles Cake, fresh buttercream and sprinkles

We served the middle layer at the “friends” party, and the bottom layer at the “family” party.  My kids were upset that they missed the cake smash, they loved the pictures of it.  So at the family party we threw the baby and the top tier on a plastic tablecloth and let him have fun… Sadly he wasn’t too interested, which totally bummed out the kids and cousins, but we tried!

If you want to learn how I frost all these buttercream cakes I’m now teaching two online classes with more on the way! Anything you really want to learn?

baisc-buttercream-free-online-class modern-buttercream-online-class

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      • Darlene says

        OH i love this im going to do for my Daughter for her Sprinkle Baby Shower. ( Maybe pastel colors) Think im going to do all but the Cake Batter & Sprinkles Marshmallow. So how many pounds of sprinkels o you need, Also planning on giving sprinkels out as a favor. I have to order evey thing on line cause where i live Got to have enough. I cant just run out and get.

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