Bosch universal slicer shredder – I love my Bosch series


I hope you’ve been enjoying this series as much as I am!  I have to say, it’s prob super silly, but I’m SO in love with my new bosch, and I love doing photoshoot’s with her.  Soooo she needs a name.  I WAS going to call her Vera (and if any of you can figure out why you get MAD points) but when my friend Shannon won a Bosch she claimed the name.  Now it’s just not right, SO I need a new name.  I’m taking suggestions.


The Bosch universal slicer shredder is my most used extra attachment (more than the blender, although my husband likes the blender the best).  AND before we get started a reminder that Bosch is having a sale for Mothers day, buy the universal mixer and add a Slicer Shredder for $49.99. (Regularly $119.99) We’ll also throw in a FREE Mini Dough Hook (regularly $14.99)! Total Savings of $84.99! ROCK ON!


Kay, I use this slicer shredder ALL the time!  It holds 12 cups, works with potatoes, veggies and all cheeses!  All the disks are dishwasher safe, FYI.


The shredding and grating disk (reversible coarse/fine) is great, I use the coarse side for grating cheese and for grating potatoes for some soups.  Carrots and Zucchini too of course.  I use the fine side for smaller cheese for tacos, or topping a salad, the smaller grating is just so pretty!


This is the Slicing disk (reversible thick/thin)  It’s GREAT for slicing cheese, potatoes, squash, carrots, and other veggies (I love slicing cucumbers to dip in dressing)


Back when I bought mine it came with the fine gratter below, now it comes with this AWESOME french fry disk.  I NEED this disk, it’s totally on my Mothers day list.  I love fries, seriously LOVE fries.  I can’t wait to try it out!  In addition to slicing french fries, it can be used to slice vegetables for soup or a tray


This fine grating disk is now an extra but worth it, I use this more than any other.  I use it for grating fresh Parmesan ALL the time (we go through a LOT of parmesan)!  You can also rice mashed potatoes to make the most lovely mashed potatoes EVER.


The last two options for disks are the Julienne and the Rasping disk.  Use the Julienne create matchstick shaped fruits and vegetables for use in salads. And the Rasping disk allows you to rasp ice and make sauces or grating hard cheese. Use to make your vegetables or fruits into a saucy, juicy consistency, the possibilities are endless.  This is ALSO on my mothers day disk!  RASP ICE!  perfect for summer!


Now I use the disks a LOT but I use this whisk attachment even MORE! Hard to believe? BELIEVE IT.  This whisk is small and fast and whips whipping cream up FAST, as well as eggs (white, yolks, whole eggs, all of them).  Since it’s 12 cups (vs the 20 cups of the main bowl) it’s great for smaller batches, but I use the Bowl for big batches of course.


You’ve seen pictures of my eggs/cream in this bowl ALL the time, I’ve tried to make it easier, so I made a tag for the whisk so you can see all the recipes I use it for. (I also updated the last post with info on using the whisks, whips, paddles and hook as well)


And the final new piece, the mini dough hook.  Perfect for mixing smaller amounts of dough like pizza, bread or rolls.  Now I don’t usually make small batches of ANYTHING, but I COULD (if I had this – hint hint Mr. Topsy Turvy)


what else do you want me to review? the sifter? food processor? meat grinder? pasta? there is just so much share what you want me to try?

I bought my own bosch universal mixer years ago, and I’m sharing it because I love the machine. Bosch did send me a new machine to try out, with no expectation to write about it. I am not being compensated for this review. but I am an affiliate and if you click over and buy something I do make some money, just FYI

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  1. says

    I was KIDDING about Vera 😉 The name is ALL YOURS, of COURSE!

    This post has opened my eyes to a new way of food processing since I don’t store mine on the counter but I DO keep my Bosch machine in a dedicated counter spot. Often I’ll forego using the processor because it’s heavy to lug out of the pantry (off the floor) and omit whatever item I would’ve shredded/sliced.

    That’s a GREAT price break for the slicer shredder!

  2. says

    Wow, this isn’t my mom’s Bosch! They have a new design. My mom uses hers all of the time to make bread. It looks a lot lighter than my food processor. I’m so jealous you got one! :)
    Blog On,

  3. Heather p says

    Are there any otther deals on the slicer/shredder. I already have a Bosch, and completely love it.

  4. says

    Oh Ash! You are convincing me to buy a Bosch!!! Don’t get me wrong I love my my kitchen aid but man! This is so nice and awesome :)! And btw I’m loving this series and it is so detailed and full of information!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I really is, I use it at LEAST once a day, last week during birthday party prep I think I used it about 8 times a day, I almost need a second bowl on those days!

  5. says

    I use mine all the time as well. I have to get a new top for mine. Mine broke when it got dropped. It has slowly been cracking from the drops by children, it is now on the todo list.

    I love your series!

    • says

      I dropped my lid and broke it as well, it’s always my fault, my husband dropped then stepped on the blender lid so i had to replace that too!

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