Ballerina Birthday Party

I still can’t believe that Princess is 5 years old!  My Baby (I still think of her as my baby- honestly I still call ALL the kids my baby) is going to be in KINDERGARTEN next year!!!  When did I get old enough to have 4 kids in school? (don’t answer that) -BTW my favorite part of the WHOLE party is my tulle table skirt!


Princess has been doing Ballet since Jan with her sweet Cousin (their recital is Friday- it’s going to be HILARIOUS) so a ballet party was the perfect fit!  We actually had the party at a local ballet studio, the Children’s Ballet Theatre (off 3300 S in SLC), I had never had a party AT a location so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it went great!


While I was setting up in one room all the little girls invited got to participate in a dance class!  They all had a great time, and all nine attendee’s enjoyed the dance time!


This was a pink and cream party, and I had a blast preparing for it!  Yes, those are pink snowballs (I LOVE them!)  In hindsight the only thing I’d change would be to make pink strawberry cupcakes instead of chocolate (doh!).


Water and Pink lemonade were the perfect drinks!  I made the labels using 8 different silhouettes, and prefer the labels with the cut out ballerina silhouettes, I love the layers of the two cardstocks.  I only wish I’d used two layers for the water bottles (and cotton candy) so they were all the same shade!


Pink and cream candy…  Mmmm we also had coconut Jelly Belly’s (my favorite) and vanilla salt water taffy!  We had extra bags on hand for each of the girls to take some of the sweets home with them!


Princess picked out the Marshmallow wands from Gygi’s during one of my weekly trips.  And I MADE (and would post, but this was PRE new camera and all the pictures turned out majorly fuzzy and un-usable) the ribbon wands!


My sweet sister helped me make 9 tu-tu’s (as well as the GORGEOUS table skirt) for the girls to wear and take home!  And the ballet studio had the balloons and table wear (as well as some other favors if you don’t want to bring your own)


After dance class they all came into the other room and ate cupcakes and other treats, then the birthday girl opened all her gifts from the special princess chair!  It was a total success and everyone had a great time!


Of course my parties aren’t complete without one of my cakes!  And this ballet point shoe was so much fun to design and create.  The problem is I get so into the making of the cakes that I constantly forget to take tutorial pictures!!!


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      Thanks! we’ll need to do a ballerina party for your little gal some year! I’ve been computerless for 6 weeks now, but I caught you weren’t coming to EVO and I’ve been thinking about you, hope things are going okay!

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    Wow, I love this party. The cake is wonderful and the decorations are gorgeous. I love the table skirt. I have the urge to make one for my desk, but I’m pretty sure I’m already too old for so much tulle 😉
    Would you mind sharing a how to of the ribbon wands anyway? Please, please, please. Yes, I’m begging here 😉 I would love to make one for my niece and yours look great.
    Greetings from Germany

    • says

      Thank you so much! And your NEVER too old for tulle! It would be GORGOUS on a desk, I’m keeping it and hoping to use it on the back of a dresser I want to add to my office/craft room! I took pictures of the wand tutorial, but when my computer crash it took all the pictures of that month with it!!!

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    the party looks fantastic and the cake is magnificent as always. I must say I’m jealous that gygi is a weekly thing for you I love that place.

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      thank you so much! I love gygi’s, but it does get expensive… I need to wiggle my way into a discount for me and for all you guys!

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      the table skirt or the skirts I made as favors for the girls? the favors for the girls I just cut strips and tied them to an elastic band. for the table skirt I used my ruffler and ruffled about 5 layers, then sewed them all together and added the ribbon.

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