Baby Christmas Chair gift with Duct Tape

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I got an email asking if I wanted to try out the new holiday Duck(R) Brand I jumped at the chance!  I have always loved Duck Tape®, I used to make wallets back in the day, and my sister STILL has a Duck Tape® wallet!


When the tape arrived my kids saw it and asked if they could make something too!  They love to craft as much as I do.

It was the same day I made a Costco trip and they had made a chair for the baby out of a mozzarella box filled with pillows.  He loved it, so we decided to make a full holiday chair for him!!!


(I had my iso off for the first few images- sorry) So we picked our favorite Duck Tape® from their amazing holiday collection.  Then we grabbed the box and some used some 3 inch foam we had in the garage!


we started out by cutting the foam down to the exact shape we wanted them.  The Reader actually helped with all of this, but with the ISO off so many of the pictures were unusable that I don’t have any of her! boo.  She was extremely helpful!


Then we covered the foam with the Duck Tape® creating cushions.  We overlapped the design for the seat and back.  We wanted to be able to flip it too, so the other side of the cushions are all red…  We ran out of the polka dots so we covered both sides with all red.


Then we used the green to cover the box (yes it was already green, but now it’s plain.) The Reader did this entire part herself, I’m so proud of those straight lines… she totally has my OCD ness!


Then we put all our new cushions back into place!!  What do you think? I love the red/polka dots against each other. We doubled the foam seat cushion so it’s extra soft.  And because of the Duck Tape® it’s also water proof…  so no worry for leaky diapers (lets face it, he’s the 5th so he doesn’t always get changed asap)


We put it under the tree and the baby saw it when he woke up from his nap! Everyone was SO excited for him to see it!


he ran STRAIGHT for it, and jumped right in!  He was so so SO excited! he has barely left his chair since he woke up yesterday!


See this face?  He is so happy with it. He carries it around the house and uses it everywhere, for everything.  He’s sitting in it in my office next to my computer right now.

So what would you do if you had a few rolls of holiday Duck Tape®?  I still have some left!  We used it to box of Christmas presents to mail to family members, as well as reattach my husbands side mirror my FIL broke off when he got to close backing up (my in laws aren’t known for being good drivers.

For more ideas head over to the Duck Tape® Facebook page

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    • says

      thanks! Baby Boy loves it! It’s one of those projects the kids and I make all the time but never make it to the blog cause it’s not “big” enough! Apparently I need to share more often!

  1. Lucky Red Hen says

    Thanks for posting the creative process. This further proves my point that babies are just as happy playing with a cardboard box as paid-for toys… especially with the addition of TAPE (and colorful designs, too!)

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