Angry Birds Birthday Cake

When I first start talking about birthday party themes with my kids we start with the cake design.  Lego boy drew this design out himself!  He wanted each tier a different bird.  I wish I still had the sketch to show you, it was so cute!  Originally he wanted EVERY bird a different tier, there are over 9 now, GAH!


So we cut it down to the original five birds!  These tier sizes are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12  inches.  I had SO much fun making each layer.  I started with the thin, small details for each bird, the red under eye are on The Blues, the cheek spots on Red, the grey eye circles on Bomb and the cheeks on Matilda. Then I cut out the eyes for each bird by hand and then their beaks (thicker this time).  


Finally I used my extruder to squeeze out a thin black fondant rope and placed it around all the details. And ended by cutting black circles out for the pupils.  If I was doing it again I’d do the black first, then just add the eyes and beaks over the top it would create a fun 3D effect too.

a 5 tier angry bird birthday cake, each layer is a different bird and it was a huge hit at the party with all the kids

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  1. Agustin Bahena says

    Hi my name is Agustin I’m interested in the angry bird cake above I wanted to know how much would it be ?

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