Airplane baby shower control tower cake

Deciding on a cake for the shower was probably the hardest part. Do I do a plane… like EVERY other airplane shower? But what can I do that’s unique? Since we were setting the table up with “grass” and a runway I decided to do an airport control tower! Kind of silly, kind of fun. The father of the mom to be is an air traffic controller, and the dad to be works for an airline, so I knew the tower would go over well!


I built the base just like the ice cream cake base, 2 circles connected with a dowel in the center. And warm rice krispy treats wrapped around the dowel, wrapped in parchment paper to hold the shape and cooled. Then I frosted it and covered it with fondant. The cake itself is 5 layers and the 2 edges carved down.


I wish I had cone shaped it more looking back (it wouldn’t be one of my cakes if I didn’t have something I wish I’d done better). Carved a bit more of an angle on the sides, but in the end it was totally cute enough.


I rolled out marbleized grey/dark grey and then cut it into window shapes. Then I used my silver edible paint to make them shimmer… I brushed it on rather than spray it on trying to get more texture and depth. I’m happy with them (although in the pictures I’m not sure you can see the marbleizing underneath)


At the party I stacked them and added some blue and orange (the party colors) to bring out some simple details. The rest of the party was so detailed that the simpleness of the cake really worked well!!!


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